Plastic Washers & Fasteners Nylon, Mylar®, Nylatron®, Teflon®
Round Metal Washers Stainless Steel
Flat Metal Washers Aluminum
Metal Washers Copper and Phosphor Bronze
Specialty Metal Parts Specialty Metal Parts and Fasteners

Brewster Washers Manufactures Round & Flat Custom Metal Washers, Plastic Washers, Shims, Discs, Spacers & Insulators.

stainless steel
Stainless Steel Washers

We manufacture high-strength Stainless Steel washers that have low magnetic permeability and are corrosion-resistant.


round copper washers
Round Copper Washers

Our non-magnetic Copper Washers have a good sealing capability, are good heat and electrical conductors.
Custom Copper Washers...


Aluminum washers
Flat Aluminum Washers

Our lightweight Aluminum Washers are one-third the weight of steel, have a good sealing capability, and are non-magnetic.

EDM Specialty Metal Fasteners

Custom Precision Parts

Brewster Washers EDM manufacturing process can accommodate specialty shape metal fasteners measuring up to 12” in length, thicknesses measuring from .001” to 9” and a minimum diameter as small as .050”.


phosphor bronze washers
Phosphor Bronze Washers

We offer customized Phosphor Bronze washers and fasteners that include: belleville, bowed, cup, disc, pivot, spring, and tension.


Plastic Washers and fasteners
Plastic Washers & Fasteners

We custom manufacture Non-metallic and Plastic washers and fasteners in Mylar®, Nylatron®, Delrin® and other materials ranging in thicknesses from .0005" to .030"

SUPPORTING U.S.A. MANUFACTURING - Always committed to producing the best products, Brewster Washers continues to offer precision parts made by the American Workforce.

We recycle...Please consider the environment.

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