Wm H Brewster - Manufacturing Plant

 "Good, Better, Best--Never let it Rest, Until your Good is Better, and your Better is Best."

Wm. H. Brewster, Jr., Inc., was founded by Bill Brewster Jr., an accomplished tool and die maker, in 1919. Originally located in Newark, NJ, the firm used to manufacture tools, dies, and metal stampings for metal working firms. A proponent of “old school” traditions, Mr. Brewster was a craftsman proud of his trade, his tools, and his commitment to the virtue of hard work. He shared his passion for the industry with his two daughters, Katherine and Marguerite, both of whom he personally trained and mentored in the highly-specialized field of manufacturing precision round washers, shims and discs.


After Bill Brewster’s death in 1958, the company relocated to Fairfield, NJ. Katherine and Marguerite Brewster shared the responsibility of carrying on their father’s legacy. With Marguerite's passing in 2000, and Katherine's in 2010, leadership of the company passed to Salvatore Freda, Sr., a member of the Brewster team since 1952. Upon his retirement in 2012, Salvatore Freda Jr., who has over 20 years' experience working for the company, now runs the company as its President and has opened the door to include custom precision parts.


Sal, and the entire Brewster staff, take great pride in the fact that all their parts are made in the USA, using American-made materials. The United States flag is ever present both inside and outside their facility, symbolizing both the patriotism and passion they possess in being a U.S. manufacturer. The commitment to quality is also evident in their ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the numerous awards for quality received throughout the years from various high-tech aerospace customers. As Bill Brewster once said, and Sal Jr. continues to instill in his employees: "Good, Better, Best--Never let it Rest, Until your Good is Better and your Better is Best."


Owners Catherine and Marguerite

Wm H Brewster - Manufacturing Plant